Review of a Kordon Termite Barrier

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Termites may be very dangerous for your house and other property, and house owners are always looking for different effective and safe ways of protection against termites.

It is a well-known fact that termite prevention is cheaper and more efficient than termite treatment.

Today there are many different barriers in the market, and Kordon termite barrier seems to be one of the most effective.

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What is Kordon termite barrier? Review

Today there are two types of termite barriers:

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  • chemical barriers;
  • physical barriers.

Kordon termite barrier combines these two types as it is both chemical and physical barrier that is why it is believed to be one of the most effective barriers of today’s.

As far as Kordon termite barrier is a physical barrier, it provides physical protection of the house which means that termites are unable to chew the barrier and enter the building.

Being a chemical barrier Kordon termite barrier contains special insecticide which kills termites when they contact the shield. Furthermore, Kordon termite barrier provides moisture protection as well.

Kordon termite barrier was invented by Bayer Environmental Science. This business group is widely known for high-quality products and provides many-years warranty.

Notice! Kordon termite barrier is mostly used against Subterranean termite invasion.

If Kordon termite barrier is properly installed, it can protect your house for ten and sometimes fifty years. This barrier system can be easily installed under slabs. Kordon termite barrier is mostly recommended at the construction level.

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There are two types of Kordon termite barrier, these are:

  • Kordon termite barrier;
  • Kordon termite moisture barrier.

Kordon termite barrier is usually installed in conjunction with a concrete slab, but actually it doesn’t matter where you decide to install it: around pipes, for penetrations, construction joints, etc. As far as Kordon termite barrier is an effective barrier system and it involves repellent usage, it is very important to create a perfectly protected area.

Photo 3Termites will be looking for ways to avoid the barrier that is why installation around the perimeter of the house will be even more efficient.

Kordon termite moisture barrier will help you to protect the property from termites and moisture as well.

This barrier is to be installed before concrete is poured, on the bedding sand.

Kordon termite moisture barrier can be also installed for different slab penetrations.

How does it work?

As it was mentioned, Kordon termite barrier is partially a chemical barrier because it contains deltamethrin. Deltamethrin is a special synthetic pyrethroid which is very poisonous for termites. As soon as termite contacts the barrier, it dies.

This signalizes the other termites that this area is dangerous for them and they stop their attack. Deltamethrin belongs to the category of repellents which means that this termite colony will never come back. The advantage of Kordon termite barrier is that this insecticide is applied at both sides of the barrier.

Attention! Kordon termite barrier has to be installed around termite-free area; otherwise termites will be “locked” inside.

Being a physical barrier Kordon termite barrier provides physical shield as well. Furthermore, this type of barrier is made of high-quality polyehylene plastic which protects the building from extra moisture.

Another advantage of Kordon termite barrier is that it can be easily used in any kind of areas mostly because the majority of chemicals are forbidden to be poured into the soil or near water. Kordon termite barrier is safe for humans, pets and plants.

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Photo 4Kordon termite barrier is usually installed at the construction level.

This is all because it helps to protect the house from Subterranean termites.

These termites live in the soil, like moisture and prefer eating wood and other cellulose materials.

The problem is that when the colony is looking for a food, it can feel cellulose from the nest up to fifty meters and more; and nothing will stop them: they can even eat soft concrete, plastic, metal etc.

When termites reach the barrier, they are killed with termiticide.

As far as this termiticide is repellent, Subterranean termites start looking for other ways to get into the house. That is why it is very important to make the protection barrier complete.

Learn more about subterranean termites: signs of their activity; best methods of treatment and DIY methods. Eastern subterranean termites and their tunnels and tubes with photo.

Advice! Invite professional pest control companies for termite inspection at least once a year.

The point is that when termites are seeking for the holes in barrier, they build special mud tubes in the soil. That is what pest control service will notice and give further instructions.

Kordon termite barrier is to be installed by professional pest control companies which have experience and know how to do it. If you do not have any protection barrier, there are different ways how termites can invade your house: they can use different cracks in concrete, space around pipes, etc.

Kordon termite barrier is installed in the areas which termites are more likely to penetrate. As soon as termites meet the barrier, they will be poisoned and will be forced to seek for other feeding options.

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Kordon termite barrier warranty

As far as Kordon termite barrier was developed by a well-known scientific group, the company gives a long-lasting warranty. If the barrier has been installed properly, it will serve from ten to fifty years. Of course, their warranty means that your losses will be covered if termites go through the protection shield.

Photo 5That is why it is very important to think about the complete protection.

Furthermore, complete barrier system will save your money.

The past experience shows that Kordon termite barrier gives 100 percent warranty against termite infestation which means that if you create a full barrier, your house will be 100 percent protected.

It is also important to remember about regular pest control inspections which will check if you have changes in the protection line or not and give a professional advice if there are any.

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Final decision

Kordon termite barrier is one of the most effective termite barriers today and it is widely used against Subterranean termites. Unfortunately, it is to be installed during the construction period which makes it very hard to install the barrier after construction.

Photo 6Kordon termite barrier can be used for different parts of the house, including slabs, gaps around pipes, etc.

Furthermore, there is a special type of Kordon termite barrier which can be used for the protection against moisture.

As far as physical barriers do not give 100 percent safety against termites, Kordon termite barrier combines both physical and chemical protection.

Kordon termite barrier is safe for humans, pets and plants and can be easily installed in the areas where chemical pouring into the soil is forbidden.

It is also very important to remember that Kordon termite barrier includes repellent usage which will make termites seek for other entry possibilities of the house. That is why it is very important to organize complete protection line before you get the significant damage of your house.

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  1. Anthony

    We have installed Kordon termite barrier several years ago and 4 months ago we have found termites in the house. When we were trying to get the coverage, the company said that termites hadn’t passed the barrier but they had found a hole in it and we were supposed to install the full barrier. Be careful with installation and their warranties.

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