Review of Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Granules

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There are many solutions for the subterranean termite problem out there on the market.

Most of them are the barrier soil treatments or the baiting systems.

But then you might step on the product that is called Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Ready-to-spread granules.

What? Granules? How does this work? Is it any better than the simple liquids, does it guarantee the full extermination? Let’s get into this questions.

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What’s special about subterranean termites?

Fist of al let me tell you what makes the subterranean termite species any different than the common drywood ones.

The main problem about them is that they have their nests underground, somewhere in soil, not far away from the wooden structure they are attacking.

Photo 2This means that treating the wood, using localized sprays and foams will not solve the bigger problem, even such an amazing salvation method as structural fumigation will only kill the workers that are caught inside your house at this precise moment.

The rest of the colony is staying unharmed underground and will re-enter your property when its safe again.

This is why the main methods against subterranean termites include soil treatment.

If this kind of precaution is taken before termites’ firs entered a new house or other wooden structure it can help it to stay protected from the infestation from the very beginning.

And combined with the exterminated methods inside the house, the barrier or baiting has a high chance to bring death inside an active termite colony.

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Who is Bayer Advanced?

Bayer Advanced is one of the companies of the Bayer Pharmaceutical Group, originally based in Germany and now spread all over the globe. This is a worldwide company with more than 100 years’ history, you might have heard about it as they are the ones that started to produce Aspirin, which is hardly possible to imagine the modern life without.

Though the rich history in drug production doesn’t necessarily guarantee a specifically good treatment for your termite problem, it means that this company has enough credit and manpower to put out a proper research.

So one thing you can be sure about is that all the chemicals used by Bayer are certified and properly licensed. The company also guarantees the money back if their products do not perform the way they are supposed to.

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Bayer advanced termite killer granules: review

The Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Granules is an easy DIY soil treatment method. It is positioned as a treatment for already existing structures and not the pretreatment before building one.

Photo 3As all the Bayer product it doesn’t guarantee a full extermination of the full blown active infestation, but is rather recommended as a preventive measure.

It doesn’t mean that it cannot be used in case you have active termites, but means that if the product doesn’t eliminate your pest problem, Bayer Advanced is not ready to give you your money back.

The main point of this product is its easy application, they say “apply, water and walk away”.

So, let’s see step by step how to use bayer termite killer granules:

  1. In the brand classic blue container, you’ll have 9 lbs. of dark brown granules. This should be enough for the treatment of 200 linear feet with 6-inch band, which should be enough for the medium-sized house. You should use about 1 cup of bayer termite granules per 5-10 linear feet.
  2. Directly out of container sprinkle the granules around your building foundation in 6-inch-wide band of granules.
  3. Straight away moist the area, but not to the point of run-off.
  4. Do not disrupt treated soil.
  5. If the disruption happened you need to reapply the granules only at this spot, without remaking the whole protection belt.

For the best results, the producer asks you to follow general recommendations for the prevention of the subterranean termite’s infestation. Such as make sure you made all the plumbing repairs in the house and keep the shrubbery few feet away from foundation.

And they also advise you to invite the professional extermination specialist for the inspection at least once a year. And I join their advices.

Important! Choosing to go for the preventive measures is wise if your living area is known for the termite problem. Not to scare you, but the full grown Formosan termite colony can seriously damage the wooden structure in less them 3 months!

Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?


Of cause any “simple” chemical has its environmental drawbacks and the Termite Killer Granules are not positioned as eco-friendly, so let’s look into the main ingredient of this product.

The active ingredient of this insecticide is Imidaclopid. Important thing to know is that this chemical is highly toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates and bees. It’s also not absolutely safe to work with for humans.

So let’s see what the special considerations recommended when using this method of termite treatment.

First of all, there are important moments to remember when applying the granules:

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  • You should make sure you don’t apply the granules to the hard surfaces. For example, such as patios, driveways and sidewalks. If some of the granules get there, clean them properly, so no pet can eat them and they will not be randomly washed off by the rain.
  • Don’t use the granules in the area you grow edible plants, or if you do, make sure your wait at least 1 year to plant them.
  • As the granules should be kept away from any water areas (public or private water supplies, rivers, streams, ponds) or have to make sure you don’t make an application in times when the water is clogged or frozen, so it won’t be carried away when the snow melts.
  • If you use any kitchen utensils in work with the insecticide (spoons, cups) do not use them for eating again.
Bayer Advanced also recommends you to use the special protection for your skin and eyes when you apply the product.

To stay on the safe side:

  • Wear the protective goggles for the eyes.
  • Use rubber gloves.
  • Wear the long-sleep shirt and shoes with socks.

The use of this chemical can cause the skin and eye irritation and you have to make sure that nobody ingests it by mistake. In case this happened, you have several first aid recommendations from producer:

  • For the eye and skin, you should keep them rinsed under the water for 15-20 minutes.
  • In case of ingestion wash off the mouth and drink water in small gulps.
  • If you feel bad after inhaling some of the insecticide move out to fresh air.
  • If abovementioned is not helping contact physician, poison control center or, in severe cases, an ambulance. Have the product container ready to give all the necessary information to the medical services.

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This video shows you how easy it is to protect your home using termite killing granules:


So, let’s summarize:

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  • The granules are a very easy way to perform the soil treatment for your house.
  • It is efficient if used as the prevention method and quite helpful in case on the active infestation.
  • With minor precautions it can be done without professional help.
  • It’s not environmental friendly and the special instructions must be taken in mind.

As for the customers’ opinions, most of the time the product scores its five stars. The exception is the cases when people don’t use it in the way it’s meant to.

Remember, the granule by Bayer is a soil treatment method, it will not perform correctly if used for the wood treatment.

Follow the instructions, make sure you’re on the safe side and the Termite Killer Granules will do just what they promise – keep the subterranean termites away from your household.

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