Timbor treatment for termites

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Do you know the main enemy of homeowners? Lots of people would say that they are termites.

Really, termites are destructive creatures which are really smart and well-organized. Termite infestation is dangerous and can cost you a lot.

It is not always easy to find out that your house and yard are infested. But there are some ways that help to prevent termite infestation and cope with termite colonies.

On the market you can find a number of different pesticides. This time we are going to look at Timbor, its characteristics, peculiarities and advantages.

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What is Timbor?

Timbor is a borate powder that is soluble in water. You can diffuse it into wood to preserve it and prevent termite infestation. Borate is a mineral salt of boric acid, it is natural component mined from the earth. Borate is often used in household applications and in medicine.

Timbor can be used differently, as a solution and in dry form. After you make a water solution, you can spray it on wood. In dry form Timbor can be used for wall voids, crawl species and attics. Timbor is preferably used for the wooden structures in your house or yard that already exist.

Photo 2If you need an insecticide for new constructions, it is better to choose Bora-Care. It is widely used for wood pre-treatment.

Building a new house you should care about its future that should be without annoying termites.

Timbor is a natural method to save your house from termites and other pests.

It is completely safe for your animals and plants. This product and other related ones are made of natural element borate, and that’s why they are ecologically safe.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can swallow Timbor or rub into your eyes. Specialists advice not to touch your face if you have some Timbor on your hands. It is easily washed off with water and soap.

Timbor termite control

Originally Timbor is dry. When you mix it with water you make a liquid timbor termite spray to protect wood. If you use it in dry form, it is good for attics and wall voids.

For borate solution you need a pound of Timbor for a gallon of water. This amount is able to cover 200 square feet of wood.

Choosing dry Timbor, use a crusader duster to apply it to small crevices and cracks, between the strips of insulation.

If you need to broadcast a lot of dry Timbor, it is better to prefer a crank or electric duster. That will give you ease of application and better coverage.

Here you can learn more information about another effective termite control remedies: Bora-Care, Boric acid, Borate, Fipronil, Chlorpyrifos, Chlordane, Borax, Termidor and Terminator.

Timbor forms

To get rid of termites and protect the wood you can use Timbor in different forms. It is available as powder foam and solution.

You can easily apply a Timbor solution to wooden surfaces with the help of spray or brush. So, you need to apply 10% solution twice or 15% solution once.

For 10 % solution you need to mix a pound of Tinbor and a gallon of water.

For 15% solution you’ll need more Timbor, 1.5 pounds for the same amount if water (1 gallon).

Timbor foam is usually applied directly to wood elements, may be also injected into wall voids or insect galleries.

Check out the products of such giants as Bayer – Termite Killer Concentrate and Granules; and Baiting stakes.

How does it work?

Photo 3Timbor treatment for termites gives protection to you wooden structures.

When you brush or spray it into wooden surface it diffuses into wood fibers and protects them from fungi and termites before the time it is exposed to flowing water.

The Timbor’s active component is DOT, which gives long-lasting protection even if there are some moisture changes.

You can use Timbor against different insects, but methods will vary.

If you need to cope with beetles and termites, prefer solution or foam. As far as termites and beetles make tunnels or ingest the wood, which was treated with Timbor, the chemicals start building up in their systems.

The poisonous effect becomes stronger and finally the insects die.

The delayed action of Timbor is beneficial. As far as the time passes, poisoned insects contact with other ones, and it helps to kill more of them. The poison spreads in the numerous termite colonies.

The same Timbor can be used against carpenter ants, but differently. These insects do not ingest wood, they damage it by making long wood galleries for nesting. They won’t excavate the wood treated with Timbor solutions and foams, because the texture of such wood changes.

Timbor powder can help you in this situation. It can be injected into wall voids and galleries. That provides a great ant control. Carpenter ants collect the powder with their bodies and ingest it later on.

Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

How much Timbor do I need to buy?

On the market you can find Timbor in two sizes: a 1.5 pound bag and a 25 pound pail. 1 or 2 small bags is what you need for small jobs. If you really need a lot to do, a pail is preferred.

If you are working with furniture, Timbor has fewer advantages than Boracare. Most of the furniture items have a sealed outer surface and borate applications are usually made in the unfinished parts, which are bottoms and inside.

Boracare is a great way out for finished items, such as furniture. It will penetrate through wood more than Timbor. If you apply Boracare correctly, it will dry clear. Timbor can leave residue on the treated surfaces.

Learn more about subterranean termites: signs of their activity; best methods of treatment and DIY methods. Eastern subterranean termites and their tunnels and tubes with photo.

Interesting details

Photo 4Quite often the homeowners are interested how long does Timbor timbor termite treatment last.

The manufacturer ensures you that one such treatment is enough for the whole wood’s life or before it experiences flooding or rain.

Timbor bonds to the wood cells and stays in it forever.

You don’t need to be afraid to paint the wood which was treated with Timbor. It is absolutely safe. When wood is dry after Timbor you can use any paint or primer.

Some people are really interested how much Timbor is needed for wood treatment. Is more-better? No, working with Timbor you need to be sure that the wood becomes wet.

If you overuse it, it starts to drip and runoff. It is enough just slightly to wet the surface and coat all the sides evenly. You may imagine that you spray painting the wood.

If there are any insects in the wood, Timbor will kill them all in a month or so. However, this product is only able to kill active insects, because they ingest it. If some beetles are sleeping in the wood, they will awake alive.

It doesn’t matter how long these beetles sleep, even for years. They can die only when they wake up and start eating the poisoned wood.

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Photo 5Termites are super clever and super destructive pests.

You can live in your house for years, not knowing that it is infested.

Borate products give you an opportunity to prevent such infestation.

Treating the wood properly. They can be used for new houses or the ones that are several years old. Timbor is a great example of such product.

It is effective against pests and as a wood preservative, cheap, ecologically safe and easy to find. We hope that your house will be termite free.

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