DIY: How to kill subterranian termites by yourself without professional help?

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There is a huge number of different insects and other pests that influence and make people’s life uncomfortable, but termites are believed to be the most dangerous.

Only termites can destroy wooden constructions of the house without any help; and they will need just a couple of years.

After first 5 years it is quite possible that you will not even notice their damage. Our house is one of our most important investments: that’s why it becomes significant to protect it from past and future invaders.

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Termites can be divided into three types: subterranean, dry-wood and damp-wood. Subterranean termites live in the ground and wood, dry-wood and damp-wood – only in wood.

Subterranean termites are not so widely spread as the others, but they also prefer soft climate with rains.

Notice! Subterranean termites can also be found in firewood and soil near the house.

The problem is that subterranean termites are more harmful than the other ones, so in order to fight them you may need different resources.

Learn more about subterranean termites: signs of their activity; best methods of treatment. Eastern subterranean termites and their tunnels and tubes with photo.

How to get rid of subterranean termites by yourself?

Create a “carton trap”. Take two cardboard sheets, wet them with water, place one on top and locate in the area of possible termites’ nest.

As soon as termites eat cellulose (in this case cardboard sheet) it will be a perfect trap for them. When termites fill in the sheets, take them away to a safe place and burn. Repeat as many times as you need.

Notice! This trap will not help you to solve the overall problem. This option is good if you want to destroy a couple of hundreds of termites. To get rid of all of them you have to combine this trap with other actions.

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How to get rid of subterranean termites naturally? There is a bunch of effective ways but there is one which is the most popular and simple –try to use useful nematodes. Nematode is a type of small worms. These worms are natural parasites of garden pests, including termites. Nematodes need carrier body (for example termite nymph).

They connect with termites, and it takes 48 hours to kill them from the inside. Nematodes use termites’ body as a place for reproduction.

Nematodes are easy to be bought in the local garden store or via internet. Today there are 5 types of nematodes which can be sold.

If your ground temperature is higher than 15°С, nematodes should be used directly after purchase. If you don’t use them immediately, keep them in the fridge.

Place nematodes in the ground early in the morning or after the sunset: as ultraviolet is harmful for worms.

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Place “infected” wooden materials on the sun light. If termites are inside of the furniture or any other wooden staff, you can locate it outside the house for some time.

Termites like darkness and solar heat and light will kill them. Placing furniture in an open space with a sunny weather will be a good idea (the process will take 2-3 days).

Advice! In order to make this action more useful and catch and kill all termites, do it together with “carton trap”.

Freeze termites. If you are living in a region with high humidity and rainy weather and taking your furniture out seems impossible, think about freezing your furniture.

Place you furniture into large freezer (most probably you will have to take it into parts) for 2-3 days. This way may be difficult, especially for big pieces of wood, but it is very effective and will kill all termites.

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Do heat treatment. As soon as warmth is killing termites, you can warm your house up to high temperatures. However this kind of techniques is not widely available, so it will be better to call pests Control Company.

Make a call and make sure that this kind of solution is possible for your house.

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Orange oil usage

Orange oil is widely advertised as termites’ insecticide as it is less harmful to people. But the problem is that its usage is ineffective for subterranean termites.

Orange oil will not help you to deal with hidden colonies or those which are difficult to reach. Some companies choose it for its marketing and ecological appeal.

Even high concentration of orange oil will not save you from termites in long lasting periods. Furthermore, though orange oil is believed to be “green” solution for pests, it may cause serious problems to people who have problems with their breathing system or allergies.

Orange oil doesn’t have chemical transfer effect so it will kill only some termites, leaving the colony alive.

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Liquid repellent treatment

How to treat subterranean termites by yourself? Buy and use insecticides against termites. Actually, that should be your first step while fighting these pests. There are numbers of different poisons for termites that can be bought in the shop. Place baits in “infected” areas and use insecticides there.

Sometimes basement construction may need some treatment which has to be injected with insecticides. In this case you will need drill the soil at regular intervals and inject poison through holes.

Drilling holes in soil along the foundation walls and around piers and pipes is also a good idea. Fill them in with insecticide. You may also dig a trench along the inside and outside of foundation walls and around piers and chimney bases as well.

Attention! According to UN notification such poisons as “chlordane” and “mirex” are forbidden for termite treatment. These chemicals are nontoxic for human but they may cause serious health problems for other living creatures.

Many insecticides are highly toxic, making it extremely important to follow label instructions with added care. Termite control professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment as required by the label, which minimize risks and maximize effectiveness.

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Use boric acid. Boric acid is one of the most commonly used and useful ways to get rid of termites. Generally, it is the basic element for major insecticides which are sold in shops. Boric acid kills termites’ nervous system by drying it out.

Boric acid will be useful with baits. Pour boric acid or its solution on the wood (or other cellulose material) and place bait with boric liquid near possible termites’ nest. Check baits regularly and don’t forget to add extra boric acid.

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Gas termite treatment

How to kill subterranean termites by yourself with the usage of simple gas? Today carbon disulfide, chloropicrin and hydrocyanic acid are suggested as an effective way for termite treatment.

Before starting gas treatment you have to vacate the house; no food is allowed in rooms. All holes and cracks, space in windows and doors should be filled in with alabaster.

Ventilation shafts, boilers, fireplaces and etc. should be completely screwed up and closed. Rooms must be hermetically sealed. Gas treatment takes 3-5 days, after that rooms should be well air ventilated.

Gas termite treatment is not very popular for living places because of some disadvantages. Some chemicals become a serious poison for human. Furthermore, gas injection in large wooden constructions, concrete walls, etc. is limited. That’s why exterminatory effect lowers dramatically.

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Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

Call a professional

If you think that termites attack is too massive and you don’t want to give them a second chance, most probably it will be better to call termites Control Company. Don’t be too fast and find several companies. Check comments and feedback on company.

Advice! Make sure you got writing company’s warranty on termites’ absence for 2 years.

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Remember, that unlike any other insects termites are hard to be killed. That’s why it will be better to call professional service agency which has experience in this sphere.

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