Cedar mulch and termites

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Mulching is a simple but very effective method of agriculture. This way of improving the soil has been noticed by humankind in nature a long time ago.

Since then, people use it in order to make better the qualities of the ground and its basic structure.

Taking advantage of the process of mulching, you can protect the soil from extinction or from consolidation.

Also, it helps to regulate water and air conditions in the highest layers, makes possible to minimize the frequency of watering, defends the plants from weeds, and saves the fruits lying on the ground from rotting.

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If you do the mulching properly and in the right period of year, you don’t need to weed or to loosen the soil at all. This method is used in almost all branches of agriculture: gardening, vegetable growing, crop production, etc.

Such plants as cabbages of all sorts, sweet pepper, eggplants, garden radishes, verdure require the mulched soil especially. It is also important to do the mulching for the plants that are in need of frequent and abundant watering (cucumbers and vegetable marrows during the period of fruiting; strawberries and raspberries for the purpose of protecting berries from rotting).

There are some main types of mulching such as using straw, grass, compost, film or sawdust. But in this article we are going to dwell on the last method as the most effective one.

Sawdust mulch

Photo 2So, one of the methods of mulching the soil is using sawdust.

Many specialists say that sawdust is perfectly suitable for protecting the ground. There are some considerable reasons for using this type of mulching.

For example, it retains moisture perfectly well, keeps from appearance of a crust, and protects the soil from overheating. Besides it does not contain the seeds of weeds and what is more important it prevents any weeds from growing.

Moreover, if you mulch the ground with sawdust, you can use some elements of landscape design, and your plot of land will look better. Another advantage consists in the following: this material is cheap and affordable, especially if your lot is situated near the places of lumbering, or sawmills, or the factories of woodworking.

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Cedar mulch

Although the sawdust of deciduous trees is suitable for almost all plants, everything is different with conifers. This type of trees does better for the plants that like the soil with acid reaction.

Advice: it is very important to take sawdust from non-painted and raw wood. Prepared wood can contain different kinds of carcinogens that are very poisonous for the soil and your fruits.

Usually the mulches that are made from conifers must be isolated from wooden buildings and constructions. In this case, cedar mulch would be very useful for your plants because it does not need this action as cedar is known for its capacity for frighten off the insects.

It is better to use cedar mulches for onions, garlic, tulip and other bulbous plants. Also you can mulch carrots, beetroots, strawberries, raspberries and bushes with cedar sawdust.

Attention: do not do mulching with cedar sawdust on the same place every year because it can spoil and acidify the soil.

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Cedar mulch: another variant

Photo 3There is another variant of doing the mulching – using not sawdust, but shells of pine nuts.

This material is also very useful and at the same time attractive. It protects the soil from weeds, temperature drops and evaporation of moisture.

It should be mentioned that this type of mulching secures from fungus diseases and harmful insects as well. And it is rather common because it fits almost all trees, bushes, vegetables, adornment plants and even house plants.

Mulching is certainly very useful for the plants and trees. However, it can cause some problems. Contamination with insects is one of the main problems that garden owners must face and resolve. And the most popular pests in the ground are termites.

How to find termites in cedar the mulch?

If you notice some signs of damages on the surface of your ground or even on your fruits, take the following steps.

Learn to identify termites and distinguish them from other insects. There are some features that are peculiar to these harmful insects:

  • their colour is light yellow and they are rather malacoid;
  • they have straight antennas;
  • sometimes you can notice some individuals with wings;
  • they have no clearly marked waist unlike ants.

Look for the signs of contamination with termites. Even if you do not notice the termites themselves, you can come across some indications that they are under your ground, for example:

  • tunnels in the ground;
  • faecal balls;
  • other waste of termites in the area.

Listen attentively: when termites scratch in their holes, they make a light noise.

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How to make termites disappear?

Photo 4There are a lot of very effective methods to fight termites on your lot of land. Here are some of them.

Make a “Cardboard trap”. Take two sheets of cardboard, moisten them with water, put together, and lay the construction in the place where termites appear.

Cellulose is the best food for these insects. When a lot of termites fill in the cardboard, put it in the safe place and burn it out.

Nota bene: this trap does not resolve the problem of termites completely, but it helps to get rid of plenty of insects during a short period of time.

Try to use nematode worms. This type of small worms is a natural parasite of garden pests including termites. They penetrate into the organism of termites and kill them during the next forty eight hours.

Note: you can buy these worms in the Internet. If you do not use all of them immediately, put them in the refrigerator to keep them alive.

Boric acid is a very old method of insect extermination. It is rather old-fashioned but still effective. This acid is contained in a lot of modern pesticides.

It works in this way: the acid damages the nervous system of termites and later they die of dehydration. This method is also safe for your plants.

At least, you can address some specialists, and they will tell you what to do and how to get rid of termites safely. But be careful: there are a lot of frauds nowadays, so go only to a reliable disinfect.

Here you can learn more information about effective termite control remedies: Bora-Care, Boric acid, Borate, Fipronil, Chlorpyrifos, Chlordane, Borax, Timbor, Termidor, Terminator, Phantom, Lorsban, Biflex, Terro. You can choose different forms, such as – foam, liquid, powder.

Chemical pest killers

There are a lot of modern substances that can help you to avoid the invasion of insects. Look at the following ones.

Talstar Pro 3/4 Gal Multi Use Insecticide / Termiticide.

Photo 5This concentrated substance is one of the best termite poisons.

It can kill about 75 kinds of insects and is safe for your fruit and vegetables.

The duration of the effect is three months. It has no smell, does not make spots and is not dangerous for your skin.

Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection and Killing Stakes.

This device has one main function: it is a detector of termites. You can install it very easily. For this, you should dig out a small hole in the ground, put this tool in it and wait. When the termites are detected, the red picket will spring up and you will know that there is a dangerous situation on your land.

Termidor Foam.

It is used to isolate termites from the surroundings. However, this means is useful in the places of living of termites. If you find these places, use the foam to kill termites and not to allow them to escape.

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All in all, beds in your garden are constantly in need of your caring and protection. Choose the best type of mulches, make them properly and always guard them in case of appearing of harmful insects, especially termites which are very difficult to get rid of.

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