Raid vs Termites: Will Raid Kill Termites?

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Raid is a trademark arguably most famous on insecticide market. Actually, it is a brand name for the insecticide line that was launched by Johnson & Johnson in 50s.

You might have heard the “Raid kills bugs dead” line many times from the commercials, and this is true – Raid proved its efficiency against more than 20 different pests, including cockroaches, flies, moth, tick, hornets and so on.

Will raid kill termites? Strangely, Raid doesn’t have products that are aimed specifically for those bugs, but they have plenty of products that are good against the ants.

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Seemingly these species have a lot in common, so some of those products possibly can be used while fighting termites? Ok, let’s see which of anti-ant Raid products can be used against termites as well, and which are not.

Important! There’s no guarantee that these products will solve your termite problem fully, as they are not created especially for this. In case of serious termites’ situations contact professional exterminators.

Raid Ant Baits 3

Photo 2This product is promising to kill the household ants and keep the place clean for three months afterwards.

Basically, it’s a plastic baits system that should be installed on the walls or any other place that ants like to go through.

The idea is that the foraging ants will eat the bait and bring the poison back to the colony where they will share it with the rest of members, killing all of them.

Sounds good and, technically, it’s the same principle that the baits against termites use, but not exactly. The baits for termites have to have some cellulose material in them, otherwise insects are simply not attracted to whatever is inside this bait.

Also, unlike ants, termites keep their ways hidden, so you will not see the clear trail in your house if it’s infested. So, Raid Ant Baits 3 will have 0 efficiency against termites, remember that.

Can be used against termites? NO.

Similar products: Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits, Raid Double Control Ant Baits 2.

Raid Ant Killer 26

This one is a spray that kills multiple types of bugs on contact and also keeps some residual action for about a month after application on the area. It’s supposed to have nice pine smell and kill ants, crickets, beetles, roaches spiders etc.

The first purpose of this product is to kill fast on the spot. This is not very easy to use against termites, because you will hardly see any of them (by the way, this is the biggest problem – reaching termites, to begin with). The only individuals that can be sprayed from time to time are the winged swarmers.

Photo 3If they annoy you by crawling around your house or you’re afraid that they actually might find a good piece of untreated wood that they will make a colony in (speaking about drywood termites), then fine, use this spray.

Learn more about drywood termites: signs of their activity; best methods of treatment: spot treatment and DIY methods; how to get rid of them in furniture?

For residual action it might be a bit of better use, if sprayed regularly around the house in the points, that can be used for the subterranean termites’ entry.

But, let me tell you, it only potentially adds to the protection of your house, so maybe better opt for the barrier methods that are made specially for termites’ treatment?

Can be used against termites? SOMETIMES.

Similar products: Raid Ant & Roach Barrier Manual Trigger, Raid Max Ant & Roach, Raid Max Bug Barrier.

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

The promise of this product is very interesting. It is said to go deep through the crevices and cracks and kill all the bugs inside the room. Basically it’s a DIY fumigation method.

You will need to leave the room that is being treated for 4 hours and ventilate is for 30 minutes before reentering. Among the others, it’s supposed to kill ants, roaches, fleas and spiders. Additional plus – that the residual effect has to last for almost two months.

Well, as an idea it sounds right. It will not harm if you try to use it against the drywood termites nesting, for example, in your favorite dresser. The brand promises that you need just to use 1 fogger for the room.

All you have to do is to ensure there’re no flames or pilot lights switched on, close the doors and windows, remove food processing equipment and food itself, and then release the fog. Sounds quite easy and, if it’s efficient for hard-to-reach insects, it can be used for termites as well.

Photo 4The only problem with this product is that the percentage of very negative reviews is quite high.

So, if people are not finding it to be efficient enough against the bugs that it’s supposed to kill, will it be able to exterminate the termites?

Well, you never know, maybe these people were not executing it right, so if you already have this product at home it won’t hurt to try it.

Can be used against termites? YES.
Similar products: Raid Max Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger, Raid Fumigator (termites) Fumigating Fogger.

Here you can learn more information about effective termite control remedies: Bora-Care, Boric acid, Borate, Fipronil, Chlorpyrifos, Chlordane, Borax, Timbor, Termidor, Terminator, Phantom, Lorsban, Biflex, Terro. You can choose different forms, such as – foam, liquid, powder.

Raid Ant Gel

This product is created to reach the ants that are hiding in cracks and crevices. All you need to do is to squeeze the gel inside the areas the insects are noticed or suspected to hide and wait. The ants are going to eat this gel bait and bring the poison to the colony, killing everyone they share their forage with.

It might sound similar in action as the foams, usually used for killing termites, but there’s a major difference. The foams are killing the pests on contact, this gel is killing only the ones that ate it.

There’s no reason for termites to nibble on it because there’s no cellulose that would attract them! So, if you’re hoping to plug all the holes and make the termites die of suffocation – than this is the only way you can use this product against them.

Can be used against termites? NO.

Here you can learn more information about termite bait systems: Advance, Green, CSIRO, Nemesis, Exterra, Firstline, Terminate. Also find out how to make baits by yourself and how to refill them?

Raid Max Bug Barrier Defense Marker

This is a very precise method for the treatment of certain areas. It has to be applied with the sponge to the areas you wish to protect.

Photo 5Like many other Raid products, it’s created to be efficient for several pests: ants, roaches, fleas, ticks and many others.

You can be reapplying it for continuous protection, but it should not be renewed more often than once a week.

Generally, there’s nothing wrong with using this product for the localized wood treatment, for example on the windowsills, to prevent the drywood termites from entering.

You can even draw a line around the whole household if you hope that this will keep the subterranean termites from entering.

Learn more about subterranean termites: signs of their activity; best methods of treatment and DIY methods. Eastern subterranean termites and their tunnels and tubes with photo.

And it even can be efficient, but… the size of the container is not that big, net is 3.75 fl. Oz. So, if you want to go around all your wooden areas with this little sponge, you can, but it won’t be easy and you have to redo it again in a week or two.

Can be used against termites? HARDLY.

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So, what we have learned? Let’s summarize all the information:

  • Raid produces a lot of different insecticides for all kind of pests but termites.
  • All their products are easy to buy in stores and simple in use. They do not require special knowledge and skills.
  • Most of their products have multiuse against different kinds of insects.
  • Some of their products can be used against termites but with very questionable efficiency.

Basically, if you ask my opinion, I wouldn’t try to use Raid Anti-ants’ treatments as anti-termite products. If you already have some of them in your household chemistry, you can use them on some localized small drywood termite colonies, but don’t count on them too much.

After all, the brand never even said that those treatments will help against termites, so, when they won’t, you’ll have nobody to complain to.

When you have a termite problem and you are not experienced with the DIY methods, don’t waste time – contact a reputable pest control operator and let them take care of the extermination for you. This might not be the cheapest way, but at least it’s a guarantee of a win.

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