A fundamental solution to pest problem – Bora Care termite treatment

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When you are trying to find the best solution against termites, it is much better to find some insecticides which can be sprayed onto wood, instead of poisoning soil.

Here comes Bora-Care – one of the most effective ways against termites attack.

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What is Bora-Care?

If you are thinking about purchasing Bora Care termite treatment – review is the good way to know whether it is suitable for your situation or not.

Bora-Care is a relatively cheap and easy-to-be-found liquid against termites. It contains Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (borate mineral salt) as an active ingredient and is believed to be less toxic and chemically dangerous comparing with other termite treatment liquids.

Today more and more pest control companies prefer Bora-Care. The reason is that instead of pouring gallons of insecticides into the soil, they apply Bora-Care to the wood. When termites eat this wood, they get infected and die very soon.

Bora care termite treatment is easy-in-use and very fast. Simply Bora-Care solves all the problems which might be caused by other chemicals that are supposed to be poured into the soil.

Bora care termite pretreatment advantages:

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  • saves time and money;
  • fastest growing termite pretreatment in the U.S.;
  • Bora-Care applying does not depend on weather conditions;
  • at the final treatment stage there is no need for additional applying;
  • Bora-Care penetrates wood and stays inside;
  • Bora-Care does not bring harm to the environment;
  • it is not poured onto the soil.

A short while ago pest control companies used different chemicals which were supposed to be pumped into the soil. So, hundreds of gallons of insecticides were applied as the soil around and under the house was needed to be poured.

Of course, this method had many disadvantages. For example, through the soil all these insecticides slowly moved to lakes and rivers. Furthermore, the house needed retreatment every five to ten years.

Bora-Care appearance eliminated all these problems and made termite protection easier and more effective.

As far as Bora-Care as successful liquid against termites today is concerned, if you get interested, pest control companies may register a special twelve to twenty five warranty for you.

How Does Bora-Care Work?

Does bora care kill termites? Definetely yes. Bora-Care eliminates and prevents:

Notice! Bora-Care will kill and prevent algae and wood decay fungi which appear with termites.

Photo 3As it was mentioned Bora-Care has borate salt as an active ingredient.

Borate salt is an effective element against termites because as soon as the termite eats treated wood, special process happens inside of the insect which makes the termite unable to eat and it dies from starvation.

Furthermore, because of Bora-Care unique way of action, termites become incapable to develop a resistance.

More than that, though subterranean termites for example, will not eat treated wood, as soon as they start building their channels through this wood, they die.

This makes the whole termite colony abandon the wood and never come back.

Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

How to mix Bora-Care?

Usually Bora Care termite control is sold as a concentrate which is supposed to be mixed with clean water before you start applying it. Water does not have to be hot, warm water is enough. You can also use mixer or electric drill in order to make the mixing process easier.

When you are planning to spray Bora-Care, always use separate clean containers for mixing; and only after that you can pour the mixture into sprayers.

If you are planning to use some kind of hand volume pumping system, you will have to add water to the tank first, start recirculator, and then slowly add Bora-Care.

There are different Bora-Care concentrations which are applied for different termites and different purposes. They can vary from one-to-one to five-to-one mixture.

One-to-one mixture of water and Bora-Care is very common and can be used for any kind of termites. Two-to-one is less concentrated mixture and is good against Subterranean, Formosan and Drywood termites.

Three-to-one is enough when you are experiencing fungi and algae inside of the wood. Five-to-one concentration is suitable against fungi, algae and Drywood termites.

The bigger the termites are the higher Bora-Care concentration will be. So, usually five-to-one ratio is used for prevention. One-to-one mixture is perfect for any size of termites, especially if they are four inch thick or greater.

Photo 4Three-to-one concentration is enough for termites which are less than four inch thickness.

Remember, that before you start applying Bora-Care, you should read the instructions carefully. There are some cases when Bora-Care cannot be mixed with other products or liquids.

Furthermore, instructions provide full and detailed description of all concentrations and surfaces which are supposed to be treated. And, of course do not forget to clean up the tools. Just regular water and soap will be enough.

Check out the products of such giants as Bayer – Termite Killer Concentrate and Granules; and Spectracide – Termite Killer concentrate, sprayer, foam and Baiting stakes.

How to apply Bora-Care?

Do not apply Bora-Care into the soil: use it for wood surfaces, foundations, penetrations, concrete, etc. As far as Bora-Care contains mineral salt, it will not harm the environment. Moreover, this ingredient helps to keep liquid effectiveness for years.

Advice! In order to protect your house from future infestations and avoid retreatment, eliminate all moistures in the structures. Moistures may make Bora-Care lose its effectiveness over time.

Comparing with other chemicals against termites (which need to be pumped into the soil), Bora-Care will not be needing retreatment after five to ten years.

Here you can learn more information about another effective termite control remedies: Boric acid, Borate, Fipronil, Chlorpyrifos, Chlordane, Borax, Timbor, Termidor and Terminator.

Precaution measures

You should always remember that though Bora-Care is believed to be less toxic and dangerous than any other termiticides, it still might be dangerous for humans and animals.

So, before start applying Bora-Care, make sure that you wear:

  • a long-sleeved shirt and long pants;
  • socks;
  • shoes;
  • chemical-resistant gloves.

Ingredients which Bora-Care contains are toxic to fish and wildlife. So, Bora-Care usage is forbidden in places where surface water is present. You mustn’t apply Bora-Care directly to water as well.

Photo 5You should also remember that after applying Bora-Care you should remove the clothing that was on you, wash your hands (especially before drinking, eating, smoking, using toilet, etc.).

It will be also a good idea to take a shower.

If something goes wrong and Bora-Care gets to the inside of your clothes, take off all the clothes immediately.

Most probably in this case Bora-Care may touch the skin, so wash it with soap and water and wear clean clothes.

Sometimes there are cases when Bora-Care may get in the eyes. As soon as this happens you should immediately wash the eyes with large quantities of water. Eyelids should be apart.

Attention! If you have eye or skin irritation, you should immediately get medical assistance.

Useful articles

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Helpful video

This video will show how to use this miracle product:

When termites attack?

Photo 6Of course, if you find termites’ attack it would be better to call a professional company which has an experience in pest control area.

You should realize that in order to have no problems with termites or their future appearance you have to get a professional advice.

If you are sure that you can do it by yourself, you can always buy Bora-Care in the shop and start applying it.

Just remember, that you will have to follow the product instructions carefully.

And of course do not forget that instead of fighting termites tomorrow it is much better to do some preventive measures today.

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