Photo 1A hidden life and invisible destructive activity of termites in the early stages make a lot of difficulties in control these dangerous pests. Reliable protection of buildings and structures requires expensive and time-consuming activities.

People spend a lot of money for termite treatment remedies in tropical countries of Asia, Africa, Australia and America where termites damage not only people’s houses and other buildings, but many of the plantations with agricultural crops.

However, there are different methods of termite control that effectively fight against termites and guarantee the protection of houses from these insects for several years. Such tools are as a “lifeline” for many house owners because their purchasing and using requires less funding than building a new house.

In this article we will get to know the most popular methods of termite control and learn how to choose the most suitable method for your house.

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What is the termite treatment?

The termite treatment includes all measures used in the fight against termites. Nowadays termites live in all continents except Antarctica. There are about 3000 species of termites and they are divided into three main ecological groups: drywood, subterranean and dampwood.

Photo 2Several billion dollars are spent for elimination and protection from termites per year. African and Asian countries suffer the most as the amount of termites in these continents is high.

There are even special agencies of termites’ elimination which help people to get rid of these insects. Also, there are various recommendations and new methods of termite control.

Since the beginning of our century, intensive work has been done to find the most effective ways of eliminating termites, and nowadays many countries have got a lot of experience upon which the various modern specialists base, using new and powerful tools and building materials which are resistant to termite infestation.

Here you can learn more information about termite bait systems: Advance, Green, CSIRO, Nemesis, Exterra, Firstline, Terminate. Also find out how to make baits by yourself and how to refill them?

Methods of termite control

Before ways of termite control were found our ancestors had nothing to do but to realize that their house is getting shaky, and the reason was termites. In those days there were no remedies against their invasion, and their activity was often called the “death clock”.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many tools that help to get rid of termites and prevent their re-infestation. All methods of termite control are divided into two main groups: chemical methods and natural methods.

Chemical methods are the most effective against termites. The use of chemicals provides the successful elimination of termites by chemical insecticides. Usually after the use of chemicals termites disappear forever. Many house owners acquire and apply insecticides theirselves, also you can call the specialists to exterminate the termites.

Natural methods are as effective as chemicals, but not all of them can protect houses and other wooden buildings from re-infestation. These methods are useful if the amount of termites is not huge, also they can be used as preventative tools against re-infestation. So, the most popular natural remedies are cardboard trap, orange oil, also tapping, using microwaves etc.

How to choose the most suitable termite treatment?

The choice of termite control methods depends on several factors. They include:

  • the degree of infestation;
  • the size of the house or infested wooden buildings;
  • the amount of termites;
  • the species of termites;
  • your area.

Photo 3If you find termites at an early stage of infestation, it is best to begin treatment with natural methods. They effectively destroy the termites which have recently started their destructive activities.

But if you find these insects at a later stage, then you cannot do anything without chemicals, and probably you will have to call specialists. These recommendations are similar when we talk about the amount of termites.

The size of the house or wooden buildings and constructions also plays a big role in the elimination of termites. In this case, it is best to combine different methods with each other.

For example, it is necessary to place traps around the house to detect infestation which you can use to find out what species of termite they are and in what part of the house they inhabit. Traps may be put inside the house to reduce the amount of termites.

Your area also plays an important role. Various continents and countries are inhabited by various species of termites, and they can require different methods for their extermination. When you decide to use some termite control tools, you should take into account their biological specificity: the life in colonies, termite mounds, in houses and wooden buildings.

Therefore, our actions should not be limited with the extermination of termites only in buildings, you need to destroy their nest. That is why you should check the trees around houses and other wooden buildings.

More information about how to treat termites at home and in the yard: in wood, in fence and soil treatment.

What termite treatment methods can be used?

If you find termites in your house, it is better to apply to a special company which has experience in the elimination of these insects. But if you are confident that you can get rid of them yourself, then you can use the following methods to kill termites:

  1. A cardboard trap. You should take two sheets of cardboard, then stick them together to get “a cellulose burger”. Termites enjoy eating it. Then you should take the trap out and burn.
  2. Nematode worms. Nematodes kill termites inside them as these worms need another organism for their vital activity. Nematodes will kill termites in 3-5 days.

    Advice! If you are not going to use nematodes after the purchasing then it will be better to keep them in a fridge.

  3. Photo 4

  4. Heating or freezing. It is one of the most effective natural methods. Termites do not like both heat and cold, so it can be your weapon. You should take wooden furniture out to the sun and wait for 3-5 days. Heat and sunlight will kill termites. Similar instructions are for freezing but you should take furniture into a big freezer.

If there are no methods that can help you then it is better to use chemical methods.

Spray the place of termites’ infestation with insecticides (poisons): “Imidacloprid”, “Chlorfenapyr”, “Termisolve BPRO”, Bora-Care, Boric acid, Borate, Fipronil, Chlorpyrifos, Chlordane, Borax, Timbor, Termidor, Terminator, Phantom, Lorsban and Biflex.

Warning! Such insecticides as “Chlordane” and “Mirex” cannot be used in termite control. These tools are not toxic, but they are carcinogenic and can cause very serious health problems to other animals.

Smear the place of termites’ detection by the following tools:

  • сarbolineum or chloronaphthalene;
  • arsenious acid sodium (4% – liquid grout);
  • anthracene oil;
  • boric acid.
Be careful! You should follow the instructions when use chemicals. Do not forget to wash your hands after treatment!

Fumigation. It is a time-consuming method and provides specialists’ work. It is recommended to use hydrocyanic acid or carbon disulphide as the toxic substance. But this method cannot guarantee the total extermination of termites because eggs of insects can stay alive.

Here you can learn more information about tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

There are only a few methods we recommend you to get rid of termites. To ask more information you can consult with termites’ extermination specialists.

How long does it take to kill termites?

In case of infestation your house by termites the only thing you want is to get rid of these insects as soon as possible and forget about for a longer time. As we said before, it all depends on some factors. In this case it depends on the level of infestation, methods you use and your or professionals’ experience.

Photo 5If the extermination is done by professional exterminator it will take a day to get rid of termites. If you decide to do this job by yourself make sure you have enough information and skills to kill termites.

Also this period depends on methods you use. For example, fumigation can kill termites in a few hours, while the modern insecticides can do that in a few minutes. If you use the baiting system, it can take several months to kill the whole colony.

Most termite treatment products guarantee 5 year protection, but you should monitor wooden walls and constructions every year. You can do this by tapping the walls, checking furniture for sawdust, setting traps around and inside house etc.

Also you should follow some recommendations to avoid the re-infestation:

  • avoid the accumulation of water near the foundation;
  • resolve the problems with wooden constructions in your house;
  • you should ensure good ventilation in parts of your house which are hard to reach;
  • keep your house clean and dry;
  • resolve the problems with water system;
  • get rid of dead trees and stumps around your house. How to treat termites in trees and in mulch?

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Termites’ infestation is always time-consuming and nervous period of life of most homeowners. It is important to detect them as they can destroy the whole house in 3-5 years.

Fortunately, there are a plenty of methods and products that can help to reduce and totally kill termites’ colonies, and prevent the infestation at all, for example pre-construction methods.

Certainly, it is better to call termites’ exterminator agency as they have enough experience and tools to kill termites, but in some cases you can get rid of them by yourself. Follow the recommendations in this article and you will be the winner of this war.

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