Review of a Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ants and Termite Killer Plus Concentrate

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When it comes to fighting termites, the choice of methods and forms of treatment is usually so big, that you leave the shop confused and puzzled.

Should you treat the soil or wood, make it yourself or call the specialists right away, do you need to just kill the termites in your house or it’s not enough?

This time let’s have a close look at one of the popular products on the market – the Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus by Bayer Advanced.

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First of all, why Bayer? Well, you might have heard about this company in relation with pharmaceuticals.

It was established in 1863 in Germany and the fact that for all these years it stays a major player on the market and grew to be a multidivisional worldwide company speaks for itself.

Interesting! Bayer was the first brand to introduce Aspirin to the European market.

Even if it’s not famous for the insecticide products themselves, the sheer size of the company means that these guys have all the resources they need to make a necessary research and tests.

Photo 2So there’s less chance you will get the effects that were not predicted by the company.

They have all the people needed to make sure that their products are qualifying for all the restrictions and regulation there are.

Another thing Bayer can afford is the efficiency guarantee.

The company promises to return your money if the product didn’t fulfill its duty (of course you need to read the label first, not to expect things that are not promised to you).

When to use this product?

Before you buy this item for fighting termites, you need to make sure that’s the one you need. Maybe you already know that not all the termites are the same and that different species might require different measures.

The Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus is targeted for prevention of the subterranean termites’ infestation. And here are two keywords for you: subterranean and prevention.

If you have a drywood termite localized infestation inside the house this treatment is not for you. Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus is a soil treatment method and can be used only outdoors.

It is made specially for the subterranean termites and specifically Formosan termites. This species nest in the soil and not in the wood itself, so to protect your property you need to cut off the roots the termite enters your house.

This is how you use this product – to create an impenetrable barrier around the wooden structure, so the termites cannot enter.

Bayer Advanced positions this product as a preventive measure. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use it when the infestation has already started, but it means that in this case the producing company cannot guarantee you the highest performance.

But, combined with other measures, it still can be quite useful. But if it doesn’t work, Bayer can tell you that they did recommend you to go for professional help and they will be right.

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Bayer advanced carpenter ant and termite killer plus: reviews

Bayer carpenter ant and termite killer concentrate is killing the insects on contact. As many of the pest fighting product by Bayer it actually has much more than one targeted insect. The short list of the pests is:

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  1. Carpenter ants.
  2. Termites.
  3. Carpenter Bees.
  4. Scorpions.
  5. Ticks.
  6. Fleas.
  7. Spiders etc.

The product comes in three different sizes. Ready-to-use 3 gal. container and concentrates of 32 oz. and 1 gal. I will continue with the concentrated version.

For the different pests this liquid can be used on different outdoor surfaces including walls, fences, woodpiles, patios etc. But we are talking about the termite treatment, so in this case you going to use it on the ground.

One quart of Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus should cover 13 ft. of trench length for you. It’s recommended to use ¾ cup (6 fl.oz.) of concentrate per water gallon. It is meant to be used only post-construction.

Now, that’s how you do it step by step:

  1. Dig a trench 6 in wide and 6 in deep next to the foundation. Be careful not to dig below the top of a footing. Clean the trench from any scrap wood.
  2. Pour 4 gallons of the concentrate with water into every 10 feet of the trench.
  3. Put the soil back in the trench, mixing it with water.

Normally that it. You only need to reapply the product in case of the chemical barrier interruption and only as a spot treatment. No need to repeat it annually.

That’s all, rather easy isn’t it? But, come on, it cannot be absolutely ideal, what are the other things to know about this product?

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What else is there to know?

Photo 4First of all, you should know that Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus is not positioned at all as a green or environmental friendly product.

The active ingredient in it is Cyfluthrin, that is a rather strong insecticide.

So it cannot be absolutely harmless.

Let’s see how it can be hazardous for the environment:

  • Cyfluthrin is highly toxic for the fish and aquatic invertebrates.
  • It’s also toxic for the common bees.
So one thing you have to take care of is not to let this chemical to get into the water. You should be careful around the wells, drainage ditches, gutters, surface waters and cisterns.

Also, before treating the soil around your house, you need to check the forecast and see that there’s no rain expected in the next 24 hours so nothing can wash off the pesticide from the treated area.

Another recommendation is not to use it when the bees are active. This is less of a danger when you use it for termite treatment, but anyway make sure that the flowers, that bees forage on, are not contaminated by the product.

Now, does it pose any danger to people, children or pets? General hazard list is not really scary and pretty much the same as of any chemical you use in your household. Obviously it’s not nice if it comes on contact with the eyes or skin, you should be careful not to inhale the spray mist and of course not to consume it.

Bayer takes all the precautions possible and recommends you to wear a full protection, including goggles and clothes that cover all the body, but that’s a common way to avoid problems for the producing company.

Normally, if you don’t have an unexpected allergic reaction, washing the eyes with water and skin with soap is as much of a first aid you’ll need. If you managed to drink a cup of it…well then call an ambulance.

All this is listed on the products label together with special directions you have to read before use. Those are:

  • Don’t apply the product next to water sources.
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  • Don’t treat the soil that you use for growing food.
  • If you use it on flowering plants, do it in the early morning or at dusk for avoiding the damage to bees’ population.
  • If you use any spoons or cups in contact with a product, don’t use them for food after.

They also tell you not to use it next to sources of electricity, because it’s liquid and can get you electrocuted, but I hope you understand this without special instructions.

Important! When you wish to dispose of the remainings of the product, remember not to wash is down any indoor or outdoor drain!

Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

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So what we have learned about Bayer Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus? Let’s go through the main points:

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  • This is a liquid pesticide that comes in form of concentrate that should be diluted in water or ias ready-to-apply solution.
  • In relation to termites, it is designed for the prevention of the subterranean termites’ infestation.
  • It should be used on the existing structures.
  • It’s not environmental friendly and should be used with caution as it’s highly toxic to fishes, aquatic invertebrates and bees.
  • It’s a multitool for fighting many other pests, not only ants or termites.
  • It’s a DIY method, easy to perform if the instructions are properly followed.
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