Effective and affordable way to kill pests – Boric Acid for termites

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Termites can become a serious threat to your house and in order to avoid further destructions house owners are looking for effective ways of treatment.

Of course, it is much better to use non-toxic methods as they will be safer and will be less dangerous to the health of humans and pets and to the environment.

In this case you can use boric acid. It will be efficient as a preventive measure and when you have already found signs of termite infestation.

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What Is Boric acid?

Boric acid mostly consists of boron. Boron is a natural component and can be found everywhere: in rocks, soil, plants, animals and even humans. Today it is used for different purposes: starting from medical usage and ending with termite treatment.

Where to buy Boric acid for termites? You can purchase it in hardware store or in special shop.

If you are planning to find Boric acid in the shop, you will find it in a powder form. Boric acid is widely used against Subterranean termites, but it can be also applied when fighting Drywood termites, and sometimes against Dampwood and Formosan termites.

Principle of operation

Photo 2Does Boric acid kill termites? Boric acid is believed to be not only one of the most effective ways of termite treatment, but it is also an easy-to-be-found product.

When you are applying Boric acid, you are using it in places where termites can be located.

As soon as termite gets into that place, the Boric acid sticks to termite’s body.

When the termite comes back to the colony, it spreads the poison to the other termites. So, you will not need to spend a lot of money on this termiticide.

Today many companies, which are fighting termites, are using Boric acid or any other chemicals which contain it.

When termites eat Boric acid, it destroys the termite’s stomach and nervous system, and the termite dies. However, this process does not happen immediately.

Furthermore, you will have to wait until the termite spreads the Boric acid to the whole colony. The process may take from several days to a week, but the Boric acid will eliminate the entire colony.

Boric acid is not applied to the soil. It is used for wood and its surfaces; Boric acid is also popular when making termite baits.

Here you can learn more information about another effective termite control remedies: Bora-Care, Borate, Fipronil, Chlorpyrifos, Chlordane, Borax, Timbor, Termidor and Terminator.

So, if you are thinking: “@ill Boric Acid kill termites?”, the answer will be: “Yes, for sure it will”. Now, let’s speak about simple Boric acid termite recipe that you could do by yourself without any professional help.

Instructions for use

How to use Boric acid to kill termites? There are several ways how to dissolve Boric acid.

How to mix boric acid to kill termites? If you are planning to do termite solution by yourself, you will need some components:

  • 400g of Boric acid;
  • 1 liter of propylene glycol (non-toxic version of ante-freeze);
  • water;
  • metal container;
  • stick or spoon for stirring;
  • big brush (for example, for painting).

When you find all these things, you will have to:

Pour propylene glycol into a metal container and add Boric acid slowly. You will have to stir while adding in order to make the Boric acid dissolve. Make sure the mixture is smooth and there is no Boric acid at the bottom of the container. Stir again if it is needed.

Advice! In order to make dissolving process better, you can place the mixture on the stove for a while.

Photo 3When you are ready to apply the Boric acid, make one-to-one mixture of new solution and water.

Apply the liquid on wooden surfaces where it is needed. Use big brush in order to make the treatment easier.

Usage of Boric acid termite treatment together with propylene glycol is one of the most effective ways against termites as propylene glycol helps the solution get inside of the wood deeply and become a poison for termites.

Also, you can kill termites with Boric acid spray. In order to do it, you will need some instruments that could be easily found in every house:

  • Boric acid powder;
  • rubber gloves;
  • warm water;
  • tablespoon;
  • metal container;
  • measuring cup;
  • sugar;
  • spoon or stick for stirring;
  • sprayer;
  • safety glasses;
  • respirator.

In order to make a spraying mixture of Boric acid to kill termites, you will have to follow some steps:

Use one cup of water, two cups of sugar and two tablespoons of Boric acid. Place these ingredients in the container. Here sugar is used because insects like it and it will attract the termites.

Photo 4Don’t forget that you will need to wear rubber gloves and special safety glasses.

This will protect you during mixing and applying processes.

Make sure that the sugar and Boric acid are not left at the bottom of the container. They should be completely dissolved. So, Boric acid spray for termites is ready for use.

Pour the mixture into the sprayer and spray the liquid in the places where infestation has been noticed.

Actually when you buy Boric acid, you can always find all the information about this product (including mixture ways) in instructions. Make sure that you read and follow them carefully as wrong usage may lower Boric acid effectiveness or lead to health problems.

Check out the products of such giants as Bayer – Termite Killer Concentrate and Granules; and Spectracide – Termite Killer concentrate, sprayer, foam and Baiting stakes.

Boric acid termite bait

You can also make your own dry mixture using Boric acid termite control. Here you will need:

  • Boric acid;
  • sugar;
  • container;
  • stick or spoon to stir.

Use one-to-one concentration of sugar and Boric acid. Place them in the container and mix. The mixture should become smooth.

Place new mixture on the floor or on the ground (around infected area). Be careful and make sure that children or animals have no opportunity to reach this place.

You can also make another type of bait. Here you will need:

  • Boric acid;
  • warm water;
  • metal container;
  • spoon or stick to stir;
  • cellulose material (cardboard, a piece of wood, etc.).

Photo 5You will have to pour water to the container and put some Boric acid there as well.

You can make different ratio: from one-to-one to eight-to-one.

If you are using eight-to-one concentration, there should be eight parts of water.

After you add the Boric acid, stir vigorously in order to make the Boric acid dissolve. Stir until no powder can be seen and liquid becomes smooth. When you finish, pour this solution onto the cardboard and place it near the possible termite nest.

You will need to check the baits regularly and replace the cardboard when it is needed.

Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

Is Boric acid safe?

Though Boric acid is believed to be non-toxic and less dangerous when comparing with any other termiticides, there are still some measures which you should take in order to prevent health problems.

Make sure that you do not apply or keep Boric acid in places where children or pets may play. If a person or animal swallows boric acid, it may cause serious problems to inner parts of the body. Furthermore, Boric acid may cause skin and eye irritation.

So, in order to avoid it, you should wear some clothes:

  • a long-sleeved shirt and long pants;
  • socks;
  • shoes;
  • chemical-resistant gloves;
  • glasses for eye protection.

If the Boric acid termite killer still touches your eyes or skin, you should immediately take measures. The eyes must be washed with lots of water, try to keep eyelids open at the same time. If you have contact lenses, they have to be removed.

When Boric acid touches the skin, this place should be washed with water and soap.

Attention! If you have eye or skin irritation, you should immediately get medical assistance.

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When termite treatment is needed?

When you are experiencing a termite attack and you decide to fight them, you have to realize that Boric acid itself is not as effective as other specialized termiticides.

Photo 6But, if you apply it together with other ingredients it will become a very powerful weapon against termites.

Furthermore, Boric acid is an active ingredient of many termite treatment ways.

So, if you are planning to start the treatment, you should remember that Boric acid is usually applied on wood and its surfaces.

If you are not sure whether you can get rid of the termites yourself, call a professional pest company, which will give you an advice and will help to find the best solution.

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    i hate termites, they have made me a bitter bitter person who is incapable of looking at nature the same way i did when i was so innocent and thought the beauty of my wilderness abode was indefatigable. So long story short, thanks for the information i am looking forward to stopping poisoning myself and using the boric acid. I hope it works

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