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Termites can become a serious threat to the house and in order to solve this problem there are different methods which can be used.

One of the most effective ways is termite prevention. Safeguard termite barriers have become the most popular protection method.

These barriers are used at construction and pre-construction levels.

The experience shows that safeguard termite barriers can protect the house from future infestations.

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What are safeguard termite and pest control barriers?

Photo 2Today Subterranean termite infestation is the most commonly known type of infestations.

As far as Subterranean termites prefer building their colonies in the soil, like moisture and eat wood and other cellulose materials, safeguard termite barriers can easily solve termite problem at the appearance level.

Learn more about subterranean termites: signs of their activity; best methods of treatment and DIY methods. Eastern subterranean termites and their tunnels and tubes with photo.

There are two types of termite barriers:

  • chemical barriers;
  • physical barriers.

Chemical barriers usage means treating the soil with chemicals which prevent termite appearance. In this case these chemicals are used in order to make termites leave this place and never come back; signalizing that here is a threat to them.

Physical barriers (safeguard termite barriers) usually mean a special “protection line” between the soil and the house which makes it difficult for termites to get into the house. Safeguard termite barriers are typically made of stainless steel mesh or any other hard-to-be-eaten-materials.

Of course, in order to make “protection line” more effective there should be no infestation in the house.

Advice! Protection from termite infestation will be even more effective if you use both chemical and physical barriers.

Safeguard termite barriers are created in order to be used for foundation of the house; this means that these barriers are mostly installed at construction level. The problem is that comparing with chemical termite barriers safeguard termite barriers cannot guarantee 100 percent effectiveness.

The point is that over some time termites can break your “protection line’ by eating this barrier, even if it is made of non-cellulose material. That is why it will be a good idea to get a professional pest control company advice before you start installation process.

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Methods of safeguard termite barriers

Photo 3There are different types of safeguard termite barriers which can be used for house protection:

  • strip shielding;
  • granite aggregate;
  • stainless steel mesh;
  • termite membranes or chemically impregnated sheets.

Strip shielding has not shown its high effectiveness but it is still widely used as a safeguard termite barrier. The point of this method is that there are special metal sheets which are installed on the tops of stumps under suspended timber floors.

This type of shielding, of course, will not prevent termite infestation. However, if this type of barrier is installed properly, you will definitely see termite infestation. As far as shielding is made of metal materials, it takes a lot of time and efforts for termites to reach the wood.

In this case if termites invade this place, you will see huge tubes in the shield. These holes will signalize you and pest control service that termite treatment is needed. According to the past experience, you will have to inspect these areas at least once a year.

Granite aggregate is not so widely used today because there are many other different barriers in the market which are cheaper and more effective. This method includes crushed granite usage. Granite is placed around pipes and behind lower bricks.

If you decide to use this type of safeguard termite barrier, you will definitely protect your house effectively. The reason is that crushed granite comes in a certain size and shape. It becomes very hard for termites to move through this granite barrier. Furthermore, termites are unable to move granite because it is too big and heavy for them.

Stainless steel mesh is not so widely used today as well, because there are different other barriers which are cheaper and more effective. But still, other methods were invented at the base of stainless steel mesh. This barrier is usually used for slabs, masonry and around pipes.

Photo 4If this barrier is properly installed, termites are unable to move through the mesh.

The reason is that the holes in the mesh are too small for termites and this protects the house from termite infestation.

Termite membranes and chemically impregnated sheets actually represent a mixture of chemical and safeguard termite barriers.

This type of barrier seems to be one of the most efficient because such chemicals as bifenthrin and deltamethrin are used.

These chemicals are penetrated inside of sheets, which mean that the barrier serves as a very effective prevention method against termites.

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How termite barriers can protect your house?

As it was mentioned safeguard termite barriers (physical termite barriers) are mostly installed at construction level. Some time ago safeguard termite barriers had been used only for suspended floor construction.

Today, it doesn’t matter where you can use these barriers and which purposes you are pursuing. You can easily use safeguard termite barriers for foundation, stumps, pipes and other house-parts protection.

Safeguard termite barriers serve as the first shield against termites and make them unable to penetrate the house for some time. The problem is that no matter which materials you are using. After a while termite will still break the barrier and move further.

Here safeguard termite barriers serve in order to make you able to see this penetration. Termite infestation is usually hidden and in order to see their invasion you have to make effort. Sometimes several years may pass until you see that you have termites in the house.

Of course, in this case you will have to spend a lot of money for termite treatment. Safeguard termite barriers make termite penetration visible. This helps you to take measures in time.

Advice! Safeguard termite barriers need to be inspected at least once a year.

Regular inspection will help you to protect your house and save a lot of money. Of course, if you are not sure how to inspect properly or how to install barriers, you can always ask for a professional advice.

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Photo 5Safeguard termite barriers can be installed for different purposes such as for foundation, stumps, pipes and other house-parts protection.

Basically these barriers are installed at the construction level but may include after-construction installation as well.

First, you should identify which areas you need to protect because this will identify your expenses and the type of barrier you need.

And of course, it is still very important to know whether your house is placed in the high-risk area or not and whether you had past infestations or not.

Do not be afraid to ask for an advice from the local pest control company. These companies can advice you which barrier will be better to choose because they have an experience and may know local special aspects which may influence termite behavior and therefore, type of the barrier.

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Final decision

Safeguard termite barriers is an effective way against termite infestations and they are used to prevent termite appearance.

Safeguard termite barriers will not protect your house for too long but they are used for signalizing termite appearance.

If you are planning to create a perfect protection for your house, it would be better to use a combination of safeguard termite barriers with chemical ones.

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  1. Joseph

    We have placed stainless sheets underneath the slab of our house when we were building it. It cost some extra money but for now I can say that it worth it. Today there are no termites in the house. We also erected sand barrier around the house – seems also effective though all professionals claimed the opposite.

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