How to Use Lorsban Insecticide for Termites?

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Termites prefer different wooden objects and other materials which are made of cellulose.

But what if you find termites not in the house but in the places where you have plants outside?

The majority of termitices are supposed to be used for regular wooden objects, not for crops or plants.

Here you will have to find a better solution in order to protect plants and even the house from future possible infestation. And in this case Lorsban insecticide may help you.

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What is Lorsban insecticide?

Photo 2Lorsban for termites is not so widely used today as other termiticides. The reason of that is that Lorsban insecticide is very poisonous, so, it was decided to remove it from the market and replace it with other termiticides.

If you find it, you will see it in the bottle as Lorsban insecticide is a liquid which is supposed to be mixed with water.

It can be of different sizes and for different purposes, just make sure that you take the one which is against insects.

Lorsban insecticide is very efficient against any kind of termites and other insects if it is applied carefully and according to label instructions.

Despite the fact that Lorsban termite insecticide is believed to be a toxic, it is still rather popular because of its effectiveness and ability to be applied to rice, corn, vegetables, etc. So, today Lorsban insecticide is mostly used for agricultural purposes.

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How does it work?

The active ingredient of Lorsban insecticide is chlorpyrifos (another name is organophospate). Today chlorpyrifos is not really popular but about fifteen years ago it used to be an active ingredient of many termiticides like Lorsban, Dursban, Empire, Eradex, Paqeant, etc.

This chemical attacks termite nervous system, making the insect unable to move. This leads to termite death. Furthermore, Lorsban insecticide affects termite stomach and respiratory system. As far as Lorsban insecticide is usually applied outdoors to crops and plants, it penetrates the soil and poisons termites.

Termiticide works very fast and stays in the soil for a long time what gives additional protection against future termite appearance. Lorsban insecticide is very effective not only against termites, but also against many other types of insects. One of the biggest advantages of this insecticide is its cost effectiveness.

Lorsban insecticide provides long-lasting protection which means that you will need less spray and the intervals between treatments will be longer. Usually there is no need for retreatment for thirty days.

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How to apply Lorsban insecticide?

Photo 3Of course, the first question is what will you need to make the spraying mixture?

  • Lorsban insecticide;
  • sprayer;
  • water.

If you are planning to apply Lorsban insecticide, you will have to mix it with water. There is no need to make any special types of cocktails; just regular water mixture will be good. The proportion of one to ten will be more than enough (you should add more water); you can add even less of Lorsban insecticide.

Measure the needed amount of water. Firstly, you will need to add ¼ of water and then add Lorsban insecticide while lightly shaking it. Secondly, complete filling in the sprayer with water. Do not forget to agitate the mixture again in order to complete the mixing process.

Sometimes Lorsban insecticide can be used without mixing it with water. But usually there is no need for this as Lorsban insecticide is rather poisonous and small quantities are already effective. Furthermore, this will save your money.

Advice! In order to avoid damage of the plants, apply Lorsban insecticide according to label instructions.

You should also take into consideration that if you find termites and decide to use Lorsban insecticide for crops, there are some time periods when termiticide cannot be used.

That means that within the specific number of days of harvest Lorsban insecticide must not be applied. In order to check the exact number of days for different crops, you can read label instructions.

Sometimes Lorsban insecticide is used not only for plants, but it also is applied to saturate the soil as a termite preventative just prior to pouring of the concrete foundation.

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Safety measures

As far as Lorsban insecticide is believed to be a really poisonous termiticide, for safety measures you will have to wear some protective clothes when applying:

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  • long-sleeved shirt and long pants;
  • chemical-resistant gloves;
  • chemical-resistant apron;
  • footwear (it is better to use chemical-resistant ones);
  • socks;
  • air-purifying respirator;
  • eye protective glasses.
You should also remember that Lorsban insecticide is toxic to humans, pets and any kind of mammals. So, in order to avoid poisoning, you have to be sure that Lorsban insecticide is not applied directly to people or animals. What is more, try to avoid applying insecticide to water.

There are some tips what you should do if you accidentally swallow or inhale Lorsban insecticide, or it gets on skin (clothing) or in eyes.

If a person inhales Lorsban insecticide, he should be immediately taken out to the fresh air. If a person does not breathe, an artificial respiration must be given (mouth-to-mouth if possible).

If Lorsban insecticide contacts your eyes or skin, you should immediately take measures. The eyes must be washed with large quantities of water, try to keep eyelids open at the same time. Keep washing gently for 15-20 minutes. If you have contact lenses, they have to be removed after five minutes; after that you can continue rinsing eye.

When Lorsban insecticide touches the skin, this place should be washed with water and soap; when termiticide contacts clothing, these clothes should be taken off. Regular detergent and hot water will be enough to clean the clothes, just remember that you will need to wash these clothes separately.

Remember that you will have to destroy any leather parts (including shoes) of clothes if you had any.

Remember that you will have to wash your hands carefully after Lorsban spraying. Make sure that you do not eat, smoke, and go to the toilet, etc. before washing hands.

Attention! If a person has any kind of eye or skin irritation, he cannot breathe or has any other health problems, professional medical assistance should be given immediately. You can also call poison control centre for a professional advice.

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When termite treatment is needed?

Photo 5When you are experiencing termite attack and you decide to fight them, you have to realize that Lorsban termiticide is very effective but still very toxic.

When you find Lorsban insecticide and decide to use it, you have check if the area, where Lorsban insecticide is supposed to be applied, is well-vetilated (outdoors is perfect, for example).

Today pest industry has created and developed many new safe ways of fighting against termites; these new methods and ingredients are aimed at lower impact to the environment and humans’ health. So, remember that Lorsban insecticide is very powerful against termites but should be applied carefully.

And of course, if you are not sure, whether you can get rid of termites by yourself or not, call a professional pest company, which will give you an advice and will help to find the best solution.

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