Effective Pests Killer: Phantom Termite Insecticide

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Termites can lead to thousand dollars losses, especially if there is no right treatment applied.

If you are planning to get rid of termites, there are many different ways of how you can do it.

For example, today Phantom termite insecticide usage is becoming more and more popular as it is believed to be an efficient insecticide against termite infestation.

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What is Phantom termiticide?

Photo 2Phantom is an indoor and outdoor termiticide which effectively kills wood-destroying and other insects, including different types of termites.

Phantom is believed to be one of the most successful termiticides because termites are not able to notice it.

So, termites are not afraid to walk through the area where the poison has been applied and they spread it to the rest of the colony, what leads to their death.

Phantom termiticide has no color or smell and dries out very quickly.

Furthermore, it has long-lasting residual, and this makes Phantom termite treatment even more effective as you will not need any retreatment later.

Phantom termiticide’s active ingredient is chlorfenapyr and it contains 21,45 percent of it. Other ingredients make 78,55 percent of the insecticide. Chlorfenapyr is considered to be a new efficient poison and it is non-repellent as well. This feature makes Phantom undetectable to termites. One gallon contains two pounds of active ingredient.

There are different sizes of Phantom which you can find in the store. Its size depends on the formulation. Termiticide is sold as a liquid and is supposed to be mixed with water later. Phantom termiticide is not used as a single weapon against termites, but it is very efficient as a supplement.

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How does it work?

As it was mentioned, Phantom termiticide is a new-generation non-repellent liquid which active ingredient is chlorfenapyr. Chlorfenapyr belongs to a special type of termiticides. These termiticides are called pyrroles and are produced from microbes. Phantom termiticide is usually mixed with water and applied with a pump sprayer.

Chlorfenapyr will not become active until termite start eating it. As soon as it happens, pyrroles penetrate termite body and start destroying its cellules.

There are some special parts of these cellules which are responsible for turning food into energy and Phantom attacks them. Phantom termiticide is usually slower comparing with any other termite poisons but it is still very effective and brings to termite death.

Photo 3As far as Phantom termiticide does not have any taste or smell, termites do not avoid it.

That is why Phantom is very popular for different baits (just remember that you shouldn’t spray it on the top of the bait).

Advice! Try to avoid Phantom termiticide application to the surfaces.

Phantom’s effect lasts for thirty days outdoors and for ninety days indoors (and even longer).

Furthermore, it is very powerful, so, you will not need a lot of it.

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How to apply Phantom termiticide?

In order to make mixing process easier and safer, when you buy Phantom termiticide, do not forget to read the product label instructions.

Attention! Phantom termiticide must be mixed with water prior to application.

There are just several things which you will need to prepare for the application process:

  • Phantom liquid;
  • sprayer;
  • water.

You will not need any extra cans or sticks to stir as you can just pour Phantom to the sprayer and then add water. 1,5 fl oz of Phantom together with one gallon of water will make 0,25 percent concentration; for 0,125 percent concentration 0,75 fl oz of Phantom liquid and one gallon of water will be enough.

Photo 4When you are planning to get rid of termites, you can use Phantom termiticide.

Final solution may differ: from 0,125 percent to 0,25 percent concentration of Phantom (depending on infestation size and environmental conditions).

Four gallons of 0,125 percent solution will be enough for 6-inch-depth trench.

The width of the trench should be approximately six-inch as well and its length is about ten feet. This concentration is applied outdoors between wood and also to the soil.

For pre-construction treatment you can use one gallon of 0,25 percent solution per ten square feet. To make the application process easier you can use low-pressure pump spray.

Advice! If you need to apply Phantom between wood (as a part of the structure), you can prepare a foam.

Indoors application should be made only with low-pressure sprays. Phantom termiticide will be more effective, if you apply it in hard-to-reach places or places where termites were found.

It will be also a good idea to use Phantom in the areas where termites might appear. In most cases 0,125 percent solution is used to get rid of termites.

If you have drilled holes to apply the solution, make sure that you have covered these holes with non-cellulose material.

Attention! Do not Apply Phantom termite control more than once every four weeks; otherwise it may become repellent and ineffective.

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Safety measures

You should always remember that Phantom termitiside has chemicals inside, so, for safety measures you will need to wear some clothes (when applying termiticide):

  • long-sleeved shirt and long pants;
  • rubber gloves;
  • shoes;
  • socks;
  • respirator;
  • eye protective glasses (if the area is not ventilated).

Photo 5You should also remember, that Phantom termiticide can be toxic to humans, pets and plants.

So, in order to avoid poisoning, you have to be sure that Phantom termiticide has dried out. What is more, try to avoid applying insecticide to water.

Though Phantom termiticide is a relatively safe solution, but still there are some tips what you should do if you accidentally swallow or inhale it, or it gets on skin (clothing) or in eyes.

If a person inhales Phantom, he should be immediately taken out to the fresh air. If a person does not breathe, an artificial respiration must be given (mouth-to-mouth if possible).

If Phantom termiticide contacts your eyes or skin, you should immediately take measures. The eyes must be washed with large quantities of water, try to keep eyelids open at the same time. If you have contact lenses, they have to be removed.

When Phantom touches the skin, this place should be washed with water and soap; when termiticide contacts clothing, these clothes should be taken off. To clean the clothes regular detergent and hot water will be enough, just remember that you will need to wash these clothes separately.

Attention! If a person has any kind of eye or skin irritation, he cannot breathe or has any other health problems, professional medical assistance should be given immediately.

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When termite treatment is needed?

Photo 6When you are experiencing termite attack and you decide to fight them, you have to realize that Phantom termiticide is effective but comparing with other insecticides it takes more time to kill termites.

But still, it is very effective and is a very powerful weapon against termites.

Furthermore, Phantom termiticide is very popular if you need to use baits.

So, if you are planning to start the treatment, you should remember that Phantom termiticide can be applied indoors and outdoors but it is not intended to be used for surfaces.

If you are not sure, whether you can get rid of termites by yourself or not, call a professional pest company, which will give you an advice and will help to find the best solution.

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